Wonderland, which is Turkey's largest park, the capital and its vicinity which will serve 1.3 million square meters, is also one of the largest urban parks in the continent.

Built with a special landscape and lighting system, Masal Island has 12 pocket cinemas where various fairy tale heroes are animated and screened in their own spaces.

In the park, on an area of ​​2,800 square meters, a wedding hall consisting of 550-person main hall and 2 semi-halls, lake and semi-open lake amphitheater for 5,000 people, coastal tea garden, Anadolu Sofrası Restaurant, seafood restaurant, snack kitchens, buffets. and water tanks.

The park has a large administrative building, a modern meeting room for 350 people, exhibition, cinema and theater halls, and indoor and outdoor swimming pools for the disabled. The park, which also includes football, basketball, volleyball and handball courts, includes a country coffee, cafeterias, picnic areas, parking lots, bicycle and pedestrian paths and a wide area of ​​771,000 square meters.