Modular systems; These are systems that can be produced in a short time to our customers and whose projects are prepared in standard sizes in order to offer economical solutions. When our customers choose the type and size of the system they want, production can be started immediately.

Modular systems prevent the direct effect of the sun in the summer as well as protect it from the harmful rays of UV rays. In spring, they can be used as garden furniture for protection from rain. In addition, these systems can be installed in the company garden as a smoking unit of your companies.

Generally, different color options of the systems preferred in white can be produced in line with stocks.

Our systems are fixed systems mounted with bolts. Disassembly and assembly of the systems is done by an expert team. Only anchoring elements are left on the ground in systems that are intended to be used seasonally.

The steel used is covered with hot dip galvanized against corrosion. It is painted with epoxy paint or electrostatic oven paint in the color you want. Cables and tensioning accessories used are coated with electro-galvanized.

The membrane material brought from abroad is covered with PVC coated, waterproof, mold and fungus resistant, UV resistant, flame retardant, easy maintenance and cleaning PVDF layer on polyester fabric.

The systems can withstand 100 km / h wind speed. This should be specified when resistance to stronger wind speed is required.

Systems can be disassembled and installed quickly. These processes do not cause long-term disturbance to the environment.


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