AG is the Turkey’s foremost tensile architecture specialty contractor and provides solution with all available materials such as PVC coated polyester, PTFE or Silicon Coated Glass Fibers, pure PTFE, ETFE Foils e.t.c. More than 1,500 tensile structures designed and build in over 26 countries in every climate.
AG‘s competitive advantage is based on its high engineering capability, extensive experience, high quality services and outstanding solutions, which made the company a preferred general contractor for many local and international projects.
Working closely with architects and their clients, AG assists in delivering eye-catching solutions. Our work ranges from transportation terminals to sports venues and convention centers; from festive entertainment and museums to offices, hotels, resorts and visitor centers; from eye-catching retail complexes to walkways. 
AG is committed to the ongoing reserch and development on tensile architecture, working diligently to further promote the most modern technologies available and to continually innovate iconic, high-quality designs. We use sustainable building materials that consumes less enviromental resources, utilize recycled steel, and minimize waste in the transportation and fabrication processes.



AG is a partner of Tensinet in Brussels, a network of engineering offices and companies with a main focus on membrane structures.