AG is not only the technical team with the machine park is Turkey's most ambitious companies worldwide. The 20m long high-frequency membrane bonding (welding) machine has been selected from the most used brand in its class in the space and F1 sector, where the highest technological productions are made in the world. It is also the first recommended machine by architectural membrane manufacturers. Above all, our machine, which is used by our company, which believes in the "human first" principle, also meets the requirements of European Worker Health.

In addition, with our 23m long computer-aided membrane cutting machine, the cutting times of the systems whose projects are prepared are done automatically without human intervention. Thus, cutting time accelerates and manufactures are produced without human error.

Electronically controlled walking robot and hand hot air source are used only in non-carrier joints and centering processes.

Our steel workshop, which has a production capacity of 200 tons per year, is equipped with the necessary tools and machines in accordance with gas welding and machining. In accordance with the production of membrane systems that require fine workmanship, production is meticulously made with our expert team.

In order to obtain clean surfaces, the precision in the application is increased by cutting the joint plates and opening the holes on them with CNC controlled machines.

Cables and end-of-cable accessories are supplied by an expert firm and applied to our systems.