Milestones in Membrane Architecture

AG is the leading specialty contractor for custom tensile fabric structures throughout the world.

2004     Dr. Fevzi DANSIK & Dr. Meltem SAHIN established company FABRICART.

2005     Antalya International Airport 2 Atrium cover is our first notable project.

2007     Dr. F. DANSIK was invited speaker in Textile Roofs 2007 Interntional Workshop in Berlin.

2009     Support of  ‘KHAN TENT’ as a consulting and Project management designed by Norman FOSTER, being built in Astana – Kazakhstan.

2011     Our first internartional PTFE GLASS fabric project in Fateh University Libya.

2012     ASMA GERME launched as the main company. Fabric Art became as the design company.

2013     The first big stadium cover with PVC fabric in Turkey was locally completed by us in Mersin.

2014     The first stadium cover with PTFE GLASS fabric in Turkey was locallly completed by us Karabuk Stadium in Karabuk

2015     The first double layer ETFE cushion system in Turkey was locallly completed by us, Expansion of African Market.

2016     Avrasya Congress Hall Roof System has been manufactured and installed.

2017     Our first retractable funnel umbrella, the similar to ones in al-Masjid al-Nabawi, Medina

2018     The first triple layer ETFE cushion system with shading control in Turkey  was locallly completed by us.

2020     The "Stadium of the Year 2020" won the 4th prize in the jury selection of the Batumi Stadium, whose roof and facade system was made by us.