Our team, consisting of doctor engineers, architects and expert engineers, has put its signature under many works in Turkey and abroad with the projects it has prepared at world standards. The satisfaction we receive from our customers is proof of our success.

In addition to providing fast solutions to its customers with its rich library of hundreds of designs, our company prepares new designs in line with the wishes of its customers and presents them with realistic three-dimensional pictures. The general designs and principle details of the projects are prepared by considering the principles of being aesthetic, functional, safe and economical, and after the application project is approved by the project owner, production is started.

Membrane material without bending and pressure bearing is solved geometrically as a nonlinear system. The analysis of the systems is made according to the current specifications with the most widely used computer program in the world, manufacturing, application projects and membrane cutting molds are prepared with great care. Our team uses the current version of their programs and renews itself by participating in the workshop held in Germany every year, attended by many experts and students from textile architecture, in order to increase their knowledge and skills in both program use and practical applications.