PVC-coated (polyvinyl chloride) mesh is an exceptionally durable fabric membrane produced with polyester, fiberglass and other types of reinforcements.

PVC-coated mesh is weaved during fabrication, resulting in increased tensile strength. This enhanced tensile material offers architects and building owners greater versatility during the design phase of project development, diminishing concerns about fabric compatibility and size.
In addition, PVC-coated mesh can be stitched, welded or glued to form the membrane on AG’ s tensile structure systems. These systems can be used in a wide range of climates, making it a sound choice for a multitude of weather conditions (-30° C to +70° C). PVC-coated mesh also offers aesthetic features such as partial translucency, which allows natural daylighting, increased textural interest and wide color selection.
Most recently, PVC-coated mesh has been designed for flat surface applications, lending itself to exciting graphic image printing possibilities for commercial projects and more. Finally, PVC mesh is fire resistant and meets numerous energy code standards.