AG is the Turkey’s foremost tensile architecture specialty contractor and provides solution with all available materials such as PVC coated polyester, PTFE or Silicon Coated Glass Fibers, pure PTFE, ETFE Foils e.t.c. More than 1,500 tensile structures designed and build in over 26 countries in every climate. AG‘s competitive advantage is based on its high engineering capability, extensive experience, high quality services and outstanding solutions, which made the company a preferred general contractor for many local and international projects.
Stratejim is specialized in design, production and construction of modular and relocatable structures. Stratejim's product range includes temporary and relocatable buildings for every occasion. Stratejim can supply and erect turn-key structures to meet your criteria whether it be for labor camps, event venues, additional storage and logistic capacity, manufacturing, distribution, point of sales, exhibition, administration, architectural installations... the applications are almost limitless.